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Session plan


During the session you will investigate pattern using special resources in the Gallery as well as items on permanent display in the Gallery. You will mainly be working in three groups; the Interpreter-Demonstrator will facilitate the session but adult helpers will lead each individual group. It’s helpful for the Interpreter-Demonstrator if pupils are wearing name stickers

Session objectives

To become familiar with different aspects of patterns including how they are made and where they are found through a range of activities including sorting, finding, describing and listening.

Session outline


Welcome to the Allen Gallery, introduction to the gallery and the session. 


Brief discussion on patterns and motifs

Class divides into groups and rotates around activities:

  1. Completing the Pattern – using fabric cubes to make a pattern (similar to a large Rubik’s Cube).
  2. Sorting – sorting examples of patterns into manmade/natural and animal/plant/other.
  3. Where in the World – discover where patterns come from and find the countries on a map. 
  4. Matching – match examples of patterns to their correct names .
  5. Design a Pattern – create different patterns using a variety of coloured shapes.
  6. Become a Pattern – try on our patterned tabards and discuss the patterns.

Conclusion Class comes back together to discuss what they’ve found out and then chooses a motif from the Gallery’s tile collection to sketch to take back to school to create patterns

We would be very grateful if you could complete and return the evaluation form you are given on arrival at your earliest convenience.

Important information

  • A 2-hour session for one class of KS2
  • We request a minimum ratio of 1:10 adults:pupils
  • For individual session prices, please contact the Museum.
  • Hazard information to support risk assessment

How to book a visit to a community museum gives you step-by-step guidelines – simply note the name of the session you would like, the museum’s telephone number and see the guidelines.


  • Toilet for visitors.
  • We don’t have a lunchroom, however our garden may be available during fine weather.
  • Small Gift Shop with a range of postcards at pocket money prices.