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School Visits to the Red House Museum

School & Group Programme 2017

To learn more about the programme or to discuss your requirements please contact Rebecca Parrant: rebecca.parrant@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk , telephone  01202 482860.


Key Stage 1


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Toys in the Past
Explore and handle old fashioned toys and help us sort them into old and new. Includes playing with replica Victorian Toys.

History: changes within living memory

Science: everyday materials

Red House Museum



Key Stage 2

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The Saxons of Twynham
How do we know the Saxons settled in Christchurch? During this session we will look at the beliefs and culture of the pagan Saxons of Christchurch and discover who our Bargate burials belonged to. Opportunity to handle real and replica objects and make your own Saxon Clay pot or plaque which can be taken back to school.

History: Britain’s

settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Red House Museum


  • Led sessions cost £85.00 for a half day, for a class of up to 33 children..


For more information or to book please contact Rebecca Parrant

School self-led sessions KS1 and KS2

Schools may want to create their own learning programmes. Self-led visits are free of charge but must be booked.


-Spacious new learning room now available. Accessed via 2 flights of stairs

-accessible toilet located on the groundfloor in the courtyard

-We don’t have a lunchroom, but our garden may be available during fine weather