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KS1 Transport and Travel

Accommodates up to three classes (maximum 35 students per class)

Transport & Travel is one of a suite of themed Living History sessions designed to immerse students in history amongst Milestones’ historical streets, buildings and vehicles.

Students will explore vehicles from the past through a range of activities enabling them close study of a variety of historical travel and transport, comparing the museum’s vehicle collections with the vehicles of today.

Each session is led by a Costumed Interpreter in role, who will facilitate activities to enable students to identify similarities and differences between transport and travel in different periods, and to discuss them in everyday historical terms.

National Curriculum Links

  • KS1 History: Changes within living memory.
  • KS1 History: Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality (Thornycroft of Basingstoke)
  • KS1 Science: Everyday materials


Session Objectives

  • To be able to organise, classify and compare different vehicles
  • To understand how transport and travel have changed over time