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Following up a visit to Milestones

General ideas

  • While you are visiting Milestones you could use a digital camera to take photos. Once you are back at school the children could use Word or Publisher and combine the photos taken with some text about their visit to produce a report about their day at Milestones.
  • Design a leaflet to advertise Milestones, using our existing leaflet for inspiration. The children would need to consider what information would need to be included on the leaflet as well as considering the style of leaflet writing. Basic facts about Milestones e.g. prices, address etc, can be found on this website.
  • The children could write a persuasive letter to their Headteacher/their parents/a friend convincing them to visit Milestones!
  • The children could write to the museum and tell us what they enjoyed most about their visit and tell us if there is anything we could do to improve future visits.
  • Design a postcard for Milestones. Which image(s) would they put on the front and why? Our logo, one of the costumed characters, one of the mannequins, one of our vehicles, a shop front, a street scene...? They can choose! The children then need to decide who they will send the postcard to and what they will tell that person about their visit to Milestones.