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Our award-winning audio-guide programmes

Many schools who visit Milestones choose to use our award-winning audio-guides as part of their visit.

Audio-guides are easy to use listening devices which combine narrative, music and sound effects to  give young visitors to the museum a fascinating, educational account of the different scenes, streets and displays within the museum. They also give schools the ability to be flexible with how they manage their time during a visit.

Our programmes are tailored to the National Curriculum for 5–11 year olds and cover a wide range of topics for pupils studying Victorian Britain. The Victorian programme is pitched at different levels to make it accessible for children in KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2.

The Victorian Britain programme covers the themes of Houses and Homes, People, Transport and Shops and Streets.

Following feedback from schools we have recently updated our scripts and shortened the existing script to make each audio guide stop shorter in duration.

To accompany the audio-guides there are also hands on activities and interpreters who work in period costume.

Operating an audio-guide

Adult helpers will be provided with maps with numbers on them relating to the keys that need to be pressed on the audio guides to hear the correct commentary.

Find the correct number on your audio-guide map, key it into the audio-guide and press the green ‘Play’ button.

The commentary can be paused at any time by pressing the green button a second time; and when you’re ready to go on press the same green button again. To stop the commentary you can press the red STOP button. You can adjust the volume using the controls on the side of the handset.

Audioguide sample

Listen to a sample from the KS1 Victorian audioguide, or read the text below.

Play this sound file

On the corner of Jubilee Street is TM Kingdon’s, a Victorian Ironmonger’s shop. It was known as an ironmonger’s as many of the things it sold were made of metal, including iron. Visiting the ironmonger’s in Victorian times was like visiting a DIY shop today, as you could find hundreds of different things that you could use in the home, all crammed together - pots and pans, lamps, tools, brushes and watering cans. Can you imagine the smell of soap, wax candles and polish inside?


Download audioguide scripts/maps

KS1 Victorian  

KS1 Victorian map 

Lower KS2 Victorian  

Lower KS2 Victorian map 


Upper KS2 Victorian map