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The British insect or entomology collection is based on the individual collections of K G Blair, R J Dickson, A Dobson, C H Dixon, B Goater, S J Grove, P Holloway, I R Hudson, J F Marshall, E Neal, B J Pinchen, G B Prior, H D Swain and others. There are also regular deposits of voucher material by staff and other persons undertaking entomological surveys within Hampshire.

Hampshire Cultural Trust entomological collections are acknowledged as an important regional resource for reference and scientific study. Many families in the major orders of British insects are represented by over two thirds of the species so far recorded from the United Kingdom.

Insect Workshops at Chilcomb House 2017

Bumblebee Workshop 22 April

Hoverfly Workshop 6 May

Insect Preservation Techniques 3 June

Dragonfly Workshops (held at Leckford) 17 June

Butterfly Workshop 12 August

Grasshopper & Cricket Workshop 7 Sept