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Horizon 20:20

October–December 2017

As we move into the spring term, it is with pride in our young people, teachers and artists that we share details and impact of the Horizon 20:20 activity which took place last half term within the 7 partner education settings.

Below is a snapshot of activity, but please do read the full Autumn 2 report to see impact and photos of participation.

In the second half of Autumn term, there have been:

  • 38 days of artist activity
  • 436 Learning hours
  • 93 young people have participated
  • 6 different art forms
  • 2 trips – 3 in pipeline for spring term + specialist progression workshop for student
  • Resources purchased: Classroom resources to support new art room at The Rowhill School (paints/brushes and other art equipment)
  • Bronze Arts Awards started in all centres


September-October 2017

We are delighted to share an update of how the programme has engaged young people, teachers and artists this half term.
Below are key activties and outcomes, but please do click here for the full Autumn interim report, including a photo update.

In the first half of Autumn term, there have been:

  • 36 days of artist activity
  • Learning hours: 425
  • Approximately 89 young people involved
  • 10 different art forms used
  • Resources purchased: 2 packs of chalk pens, 5 wire kits
  • 1 Continuing Professional Development session at Theatre Royal Winchester
  • Bronze Arts Awards started in most centres


For the last 2 months, Broken Physics Productions have been capturing and editing footage of all of the exciting activity happening through Horizon 20:20. They have created a mini-documentary to showcase its achievements in this first year.

Please enjoy the video and contact Claire Wakefield on claire.wakefield@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk if you are an artist or organisation interested in getting involved with the programme.


July ended the first year of the programme with an inspiring celebration event at Forest Arts Centre in New Milton.


June saw four simultaneous Horizon 20:20 exhibitions in Hampshire Cultural Trust’s three arts centres and Eastleigh Museum.

A number of students, teachers and families visited these exhibitions, with some leaving comments such as:

‘Fantastic! This is an entirely valuable project’

‘Wonderful outcomes’

‘Keep up the good work!’



Linden Education Centre were the first to experience a Horizon 20:20 Arts Week.

Two Artists descended on West End Centre in Aldershot to run glass and textiles workshops for five days for Linden Education Centre students.

Results were amazing and will be showcased in their setting.

During the Linden Education Centre arts week:

83% of students had met new people,
50% had felt their confidence improve,
100% had challenged themselves,
100% had enjoyed their week,
50% had changed behaviours (including coming into the workshops even though they felt too lethargic to get out of bed),
83% had surprised themselves.


This month Bridge Education Centre took part in photography workshops with In Focus.

'I felt so privileged to be able to give her that opportunity.’ Teacher at Bridge Education Centre, January 2017 - reflecting on handing a young person a professional DSLR camera to use.



This month, Woodlands Education Centre have invited a sculpture artist into their setting to deliver the regular Horizon 20:20 sessions.
Sue began at the start of the month and came with a few very initial ideas and inspiration points

In consultation with the young people, a totem-pole inspired design began to emerge.
Students ‘made-marks’ by constructing shapes out of recycled wood pieces.
These were mostly faces, their names and animal interpretations.

Over a five week period, the students’ individual interests, preferences and techniques were celebrated.
Some students preferred to drill and draw onto existing wooden blocks and others liked to paint directly on to the growing sculpture.

This practical activity gave students a chance to engage in a different way to the previous cultural workshops.
This was physical, required immense concentration and self-motivation from the young people.
There has been much learning taken from this term about the different activities that can be included going forward as part of the programme at Woodlands.

One student said: 'I want to be in art all the time'.

There were also clear links here between art and resistant materials, and often students from both lessons would take part simultaneously.

We are yet to receive a photo of the finished sculpture. If it can be safely transported, it will be exhibited at Eastleigh Museum
in the Horizon 20:20 More & Better exhibition from 13 April – 3 July. Click here
for more details.



In February, Bridge Education Centre took their students on a cultural trip to 318 Ceramics in Farnham, where students were given the opportunity to take part in a ‘pottery throwing’ workshop alongside Sheena Bond, the Artist they had been working with all term.

Sheena greeted the group warmly and gave them a short tour of the historical venue.

The workshop room was a really exciting sight, with a potter’s wheel for each student and an array of equipment ready to be used.

After a short demonstration from Sheena, the young people (and staff) began cutting, kneading and preparing the clay for use.

Using the techniques Sheena had shared, pots and bowls began to take shape!

One student’s work fell apart in the morning session, instead of letting their frustrations get to them, they calmly restarted the work and continued it after lunch until they got the result they desired.

Another student decided that pottery ‘wasn’t for them’, but went on to say that ‘it’s good to try new things and to have experiences that you wouldn’t normally have’.

After a fantastic (and exhausting!) day of concentrating and creating, the minibus trip back was extremely quiet! Students expressed their interest in going back on the day and getting a potter’s wheel in their school setting. They have since asked to go back to the studios and are delighted with their fired products.



The new year began with a whole new round of artists visiting the Education Centres to deliver creative workshops. From music production to 3D design, the young people and their teachers once again received varied and inspiring experiences throughout the month.

In addition to this, the partnering teachers attended their second ‘continuing professional development’ opportunity provided by the programme. The group met at West End Centre in Aldershot and immediately began sharing news of their previous term.

Jo from The Key was presented with the finished wall-hanging made by her students in autumn, and the rest of the teachers were able to celebrate with her. It really will be a beautiful addition to the centre.

The group then took part in a drama workshop with Leigh Johnstone from Fluid Motion Theatre. Leigh led the teachers in assertiveness techniques, both for them to use in the classroom and to pass on to their students. The photo below shows Miranda completing the sixty second eye-contact task.

After lunch, a Mental Health First Aid England Trainer delivered the Youth LITE course to the teachers and it was received extremely well. This awareness course covered the primary mental health challenges that young people may face. It aimed to equip the teachers with the appropriate resources and knowledge to deal with arising situations in their work place within and outside of the Horizon 20:20 programme.

At the end of the day, one teacher spoke directly to the programme coordinator saying: ‘I think we bonded today’. Other teachers have gone back to their centres with the request to run mental health awareness/assertiveness training sessions within their settings. Feedback has shown that the day proved to be invaluable to all who participated.

Information about Mental Health First Aid England courses can be found here: https://mhfaengland.org/

Information about Fluid Motion Theatre can be found here: http://www.fluidmotiontheatre.com/



This month included two cultural trips and planning for a celebration of student work. The Bridge Education Centre navigated their way around Eastleigh on a cultural treasure hunt! They took in sites of the Railway Man featured in Eastleigh town centre, they visited the glass-based Just Passing Through public art installation by Alex Hoare (who they had been working with for half a term), they visited HCT venue Eastleigh Museum and gallery and then moved on to The Point, where they were given a private tour of the venue, showed around the Outlaw youth theatre production set and met and chatted with Luke Brown, dance artist and choreographer.

This was a jam-packed and inspiring 2.5 hours and opened the eyes of students and staff to the cultural opportunities in their local area. Students then showed interest in watching the Outlaw production at The Point and took the opportunity during their Christmas break to watch the show.


Just days later, Greenwood School experienced a trip to Southampton City Gallery’s British Art Show 8 exhibition. They had a tour around the gallery and then participated in a mono-printing workshop.

The students engaged really well with the exhibition with the support of our great workshop leader. Students made some great observations and came away inspired.

The group had never been to an art gallery before and are often reluctant learners who find new environments particularly challenging. They all had a great time and intend to return independently to the gallery! (B. Webb, Greenwood School)

After the very successful gallery trip, students were then taken to a local Caribbean restaurant to experience different types of food, before returning to the centre with lots of stories to tell!



This month students and teachers enjoyed their regular sessions of arts activity within their centres and completed their round of autumn term sessions with excitement and pride in what they had achieved alongside professional artists:

  • Greenwood School (Dibden) enjoyed woodland Art with Kate Hadley from Spinney Hollow.

  • Linden Education Centre (Farnborough) welcomed ceramicist Sheena Bond.

  • Andover Education Centre (Andover) also had outdoor Art with Kate Hadley from Spinney Hollow.

  • Key Education Centre (Gosport) invited glass work with Rachel Russell from Swanwick Studio.

  • Bridge Education Centre (Eastleigh) also had glass work with Alex Hoare from Point Line Plane Glassware.

  • Woodlands Education Centre (Havant) continued with Graffiti with Will Rosie from All About Art.



Horizon 20:20 teachers, artists and project leaders embarked on their first CPD day of the project this month at Ashcroft Arts Centre. The programme's Artist delivery is well underway and the teachers had lots of inspirational stories to share.

After much ideas-sharing, programme planning and tea-drinking, the team were joined by Jenny Muncaster from The Colour Factory who led a fun and informative session on acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Graham from Specialist Crafts also joined in, introducing the company who provide schools and education settings around the nation with high-quality arts resources, he also sent everybody away with an exciting goodybag!

Equipped with ideas for new sessions and handfuls of arts supplies, the team are now set to complete the rest of the autumn term with vigour.


Horizon 20:20 programme delivery is off to a fantastic start. We saw multi-talented Artist Rob Luckins run sessions in Andover Education Centre, teaching the young people to make their own original characters for their short stop-motion films.




Well known graffiti Artist Will Rosie from All About Art encouraged students to learn how to write their names in graffiti style at Woodlands Education Centre. On the first day one pupil convinced his art teacher to let him stay in the art room for the whole afternoon so that he could finish his design.


Zara and Imogen, mother and daughter duo from Little Art Haven, experimented with marbling inks in Key Education Centre. One student got completely in the zone and made over ten creations in one session!


Greenwood School have resident artist Kate Hadley from Spinney Hollow cooking up a number of thought-provoking and creative woodland art sessions. Young people took ownership over specific creative outdoor tasks and have committed to renovating their outdoor classroom.


Tobin Thomson taught young people how to screen print T-shirts with their own designs at Bridge Education Centre, one very happy young man carefully designed and cut out an archery design. He didn’t want to wear the shirt around school that day in case it got ruined, whilst Tobin was challenged to a 10 minute screen printing demo by the students...which he just about managed!


Linden Education Centre welcomed the illustrator Jordan Baines from Ohh So Curious Illustration to also share his screen printing techniques – students worked on an under the sea theme and Marie created a two-tone whale.




A busy summer has included much planning and preparation for a September start to delivery! We have recruited our fantastic Project Manager who has signed partnership agreements with six Education Centres. We have run a teacher planning day to meet the partners, meet an artist and start to express dreams and expectations for the programme. We have appointed our Research Evaluator and had a huge response to our Artist Call-out.

The centres that HCT are partnering with throughout the Horizon 20:20 More & Better programme are each unique and vibrant, ranging from edge-of-the-forest woodland hideouts to sleek and shiny town centre hubs - all with the shared belief that arts and culture has the power to improve the quality of education.



The first phase of this fantastic programme ran in 2014/15 with regular, high-quality arts provision in four of the county’s education centres for young people aged 11 – 16 who have been excluded from mainstream schools.

Thanks to significant funding of £350,000 from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Horizon 20:20 will now run for a further four years, in all seven education centres in Hampshire. The first phase showed impact and potential for huge benefits and positive outcomes for hundreds of vulnerable young people.

Hampshire Cultural Trust and Hampshire’s Education Inclusion Service are delighted that the programme will continue over an extended period of time from 2016 - 2020.