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Box 30a & 30b Evacuee Suitcase

These two boxes give pupils an opportunity to look inside the suitcase of a child about to be evacuated during the Second World War. This is a useful introductory resource as well as supporting learning throughout the study of Wartime Britain. Children can study the objects of a typical evacuee and compare them with what they would take them if they had to be evacuated.

Ideal for use with Key Stage 2, Years 3 and 4

Key learning objectives

  • History: To enable pupils to explore what life was like for evacuee children in the second world war by handling artefacts and costumes, and by taking part in group activities.
  • Speaking and Listening: To encourage pupils to work effectively as a member of a group, using speaking and listening skills.
  • Literacy: To explore life for evacuee children in the Second World War using a number of literary resources.


Box contents

  • Artefacts include a watch, toy tractor, money, clothing, marbles, teddy bear and books.
  • Resources include videos, audio cassettes, books, photos, newspaper cuttings, teacher’s notes and activity suggestions.

Hiring a box

Collect on a Monday between 12pm and 5:30pm, and return on a Friday before 5:30pm.
Closed 1pm to 1.30pm.

To discuss your needs or to make a booking contact Alexandra Walker tel 01962 678199.