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Box 17 A Victorian Family

This box contains costumes for the Hobbs, a late Victorian family from Havant. Pupils can explore the lives of the Hobbs family using different sources including census returns, a trade directory and an ordnance survey map, and discuss what kind of life the family had. This box is useful for studying local history of Hampshire and can be used as a template for studying other individuals or areas linked with your school.

Ideal for use with Key Stage 2, Years 5 and 6

Key learning objectives

  • History: To enable pupils to explore the lives of a Victorian family by handling costumes and artefacts, and by taking part in group activities.
  • Speaking and Listening: To encourage pupils to work effectively as a member of a group, using speaking and listening skills.
  • Literacy: To explore the life of a Victorian family using primary and secondary sources.

Box contents

  • Costumes include William Hobbs, Ann Hobbs, George Hobbs, Florence Hobbs, Olive Hobbs, and Alfred Hobbs.
  • Artefacts include plumber’s tools, candlestick and candle, button hook, slate pencils, cup and ball toy and lead soldiers.
  • Resources include 1881 census return, 1880 trade directory, Ordnance Survey map, black and white photos, pictures and labels for display.

Hiring a box

Collect on a Monday between 12pm and 5:30pm, and return on a Friday before 5:30pm.
Closed 1pm to 1.30pm.

To discuss your needs or to make a booking contact Alexandra Walker tel 01962 678199.