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Box 29a & 29b Knights and Castles

This box contains a number of costumes to help you look at medieval life and aid pupils in building up their skills of historical enquiry. Pupils may wish to use the costumes in role play to create their own fairy story about a medieval castle. Or you may wish to use the box as a prompt for looking at medieval castles, such as how they were built and the kinds of people who would have lived in them

Ideal for use with Key stage 1, years 2 and 3

Key learning objectives

  • History: To enable pupils to explore what life was like in a medieval castle using costumes and by taking part in group activities.
  • Speaking and Listening: To encourage pupils to work effectively as a member of a group, using speaking and listening skills.
  • Literacy: To explore life in a medieval castle using a  variety of difference sources.


Box contents

  • Costumes include a knights outfit, a Princess dress with hat, 2 peasant costumes, castle keeper’s keys and 2 crowns.
  • Resources include books.

Hiring a box

Collect on a Monday between 12pm and 5:30pm, and return on a Friday before 5:30pm.
Closed 1pm to 1.30pm.

To discuss your needs or to make a booking contact Alexandra Walker tel 01962 678199.