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23 Sep to 21 Oct

Everyday Narratives

Bethany Milam is a Hampshire based Interdisciplinary Fine Artist, engaging with a broad range of media. She enjoys experimenting with different and sometimes unusual materials and techniques. Permeating through her diverse practice is an interest in narratives, combined with a keen observation of everyday life, the people and world around her. Her works often imply a narrative that is never told in full, encouraging the viewer to engage with the artworks and construct their own meanings.  Bethany believes that art should make you think, feel, laugh or look at something in a new way.  The exhibition will comprise a mix of paintings, drawings, mixed media work and small sculptures. 


The focus of the exhibition are the graphite portraits depicting Basingstoke Street Pastors and Salvation Army Soldiers. In 2014 Bethany had the opportunity to walk with the Basingstoke Street Pastors as an observer. The resulting artworks are inspired by that experience, well known Bible verses or simply the vibrant personality of the sitter.   While her popular ‘Please Mind the Gap’ series of train ticket cut outs are a tongue-in-cheek response to the artist’s experience of public transport.  Each work is both a record of a single journey and an exploration of a wider shared experience that draws on each viewer’s personal memories and associations. 


Event cost: 
Admission Free - Donations Welcome
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01256 465902

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