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27 Oct

Egyptian Murder Mystery Evening

Members of Fareham’s Egyptology Society are meeting to discuss their latest finds from the recently discovered tomb of Pharaoh Hudmuchsekhs. Sir Petrie Flinders, who led the expedition funded by Lord Denbighshire, uncovered a unique meteorite dagger. Howard Wagoner is convinced it’s a fake, Lord Denbighshire wants to sell it to resolve a cash flow issue and Philippa Marlow, a hard-nosed reporter, is just out for a good story. The evening takes an unexpected twist when one of the party is found dead. Can you work out who is responsible?

Dress in Egyptian theme encouraged!

Event cost: 
£25 includes murder mystery, 2 course finger buffet and complimentary glass of wine. Book at Westbury Manor or call 01329 822063.

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