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William Hart and Son

William Hart and Son was a 19th century firm of taxidermists, based in Christchurch. Their first shop was opened by William in 1834, who founded the business "William Hart, Bird and Beast Preserver" in Bridge Street. His son, Edward, also became interested in taxidermy and later joined his father's business. As well as preparing animals and birds for local sportsmen, Edward started his own collection.

Goosander HMCMS:Bi1977.89
Red Throated Diver HMCMS:Bi1977.447 
Hare HMCMS:Bi1977.17 
Cattle Egret HMCMS:Bi1977.45 
Bittern HMCMS:Bi1977.69 
Greenfinch, Yellowhammer & Brambling HMCMS:Bi1977.87
Siskin & Redpoll HMCMS:Bi1977.128 
Black Grouse HMCMS:Bi1977.191 
Case of Birds & Mammals HMCMS:Bi1977.306 
Barn Owl & Jack Snipe HMCMS:Bi1977.309 
Little Bittern HMCMS:Bi1977.310
Pheasant HMCMS:Bi1977.556 
Kingfisher HMCMS:Bi1977.583 
Pochard & Wigeon HMCMS:Bi1977.665 
Kingfisher HMCMS:B I1994.2.66 
Woodcock HMCMS:CRH1954.47
Carrion Crow HMCMS:CRH1954.47.1