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Thornycroft Two-wheeled Attachments March 1924

For the transport of loads exceeding 6 tons (6,096kg), or for those of particularly bulky nature, we can supply two-wheeled attachments for use in conjunction with our standard types of chassis specified below. For heavy loads they are most suitable with our Types "J" and "Q" chassis, or for light and bulky loads with our Type "BT" chassis

The latter combination is particularly suitable for service overseas, where axle-weights are restricted by local regulations or road conditions.

If an attachment is required to be in constant use we recommend a shorter wheelbase than that of our standard chassis, to ensure the combination being easily manoeuvred in narrow roads and confined spaces. Powerful brakes are fitted to the trailing wheels, controlled from the driver's seat and the wheels are fitted with solid rubber tyres.

Following are brief particulars of these attachments:

Two-wheeled Attachment

For Type “BT” Chassis

For Type “J” Chassis

For Type “Q” Chassis

Nett useful load on open lorry body

4 tons (4,064kg)

8½tons (8,636kg)

10¾tons (10,922kg)

Platform area

19ft x 6ft 6ins (5.79m x 1.98m)

21ft 10½ins x 7ft 3ins (6.67m x 2.21m)

21ft 10½ins x 7ft 3ins (6.67m x 2.21m)

Recommended Wheelbase of Chassis

11ft (3.35m)

12ft (3.65m)

12ft (3.65m)

Wheelbase of Trailing Attachment

12ft (3.66m)

12ft 9ins (3.89m)

12ft 9ins (3.89m)

Steering Lock: The minimum width of road for reversing direction without using reverse gear

40ft (12.19m)

45ft (13.72m)

48ft (14.63m)