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Smith, Francis

Originally known as a taxidermist based in the High Street, Newport, Isle Of Wight c1875-c1890. Between 1880 and 1890 he moved to new premises at 1 Castle Road where he is listed as a naturalist. 

References: Kelsall, J E, Rev; Munn, Philip W: 1905: The Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight: Witherby and Co.
'…a specimen [Purple Heron] was shot at Alverstone, in the Isle of Wight, in 1890. This example came into the possession of Mr. F Smith, who now lives at Mill Hill, Cowes, but was formerly in business as a taxidermist at Newport, and from whom Mr. Willet procured most of his collection.'

'Mr Smith, formerly taxidermist at Newport, but who now resides in Cowes, tells us of a specimen [Pratincole] that once passed through his hands, many years ago, which was obtained in the Island.' 

'In March, 1897, he sent to the "Zoologist" the following notes, kindly communicated by Mr. Kent, who discovered the bird, [Yellow-billed Cuckoo] and Mr. Smith, the taxidermist of Newport, who stuffed it.' 

Reference: The Hampshire Antiquary and Naturalist, 1892. Extract taken from The Hampshire Independent, April 4, 1891
'Mr. George Ayles, whilst pigeon-shooting in a field sown with peas at Wellow. I.W., on Saturday week, shot a fine Gyr falcon in excellent plumage. It made a swoop at his call-bird, which it failed to get; then rising in the air to make a second swoop, it was shot without damage. It can be seen at Mr. F. Smith's, taxidermist, High-street, Newport, I.W.'