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There are just over 6800 shells in our collection, representing nearly 1500 species of mainly marine and freshwater gastropods and bivalves. Most of the shells were collected from abroad although there are a few British examples. This collection has recently undergone sorting, identifying (where necessary), cataloguing, re-boxing and re-housing.

Type Specimens

Tinoclea ?farsiana
"Status unfortunately not a paratype officially, but can be considered as such" Major Earle Shell Collection
bivalve shell, Tinoclea ?farsiana, 1 specimen, found Qatar Peninsular, Persian Gulf, 1967

Tivela mulawana Biggs
Status paratypes
Major Earle Shell Collection
Reference Archiv fur Molluskenkinade 99: 205 figure 1 and 2 bivalve shell, Tivela mulawana, 1 specimen, found Masirah Island, Oman

Clementia meclellandi Tomlin
Status co type (syntype)
Major Earle Shell Collection
bivalve shell, Clementia meclellani, single valves of 3 specimens, found Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Iphigenia messageri Preston
Status Paratype
Reference Annual Magazine of Natural History (8) 3.186 Plate 7 Fig 17
Major Earle Shell Collection
bivalve shell, Iphigenia messageri, 1 specimen, found Senegal

Ensis phaxoides Van Urk
Status paratype
Major Earle Shell Collection
bivalve shell, Ensis phaxoides, 1 specimen, found Katwijk, Netherlands

Yoldia keppelliand Goar
Status Cotype
Major Earle Shell Collection
bivalve shell, Yoldia keppelliand, 1 specimen, found Sachalighe Island?


Shell Collections

Earle Collection 
Marine bivalves, 3810 specimens, representing 1212 species from world wide locations including Australia, Japan and the USA amassed by Major Earle. There are several paratypes within this collection. 

Thorn-Carr Collection
Marine and some freshwater gastropods and bivalves, c2550 specimens, representing c190 species, some from the Channel Islands although most unprovenanced. 

Hull Grundy Collection 
Marine bivalves and gastropods, 131 specimens, from world wide locations, including Australia and the Indo Pacific.

Gosport Museum Collections 
Marine gastropods and bivalves, about 20 specimens, collected from the Hampshire coast, mainly by David Kemp, Keeper of Geology and volunteers. 
Marine gastropods and bivalves, less than 20 specimens, collected from The Wash by Mr P Grimble

Land and Freshwater Shell Collection
Land and freshwater gastropods and bivalves, c150 specimens, representing 94 species (40% British non marine shells). 
Collected from around Britain by AE Boycott and TA Dynes et al, 1890-1925. 

F D Welch Collection Marine 
gastropods and bivalves, 135 specimens, 26 species, from Alderney, Channel Islands. 
Marine gastropods and bivalves, unprovenanced and mostly unidentified 
Pair of slipper limpets, Crepidula fornicata, from Southsea Castle
Marine British shells, unprovenanced and unidentified

Willis Museum Collection 
Freshwater and marine bivalves and gastropods many unprovenanced, some collected from around Britain. 
HMCMS:WOC1032, 1033, 1039 
Land and freshwater gastropods and bivalves, 37 species, unprovenanced 
Three swan mussels from Oakhanger Pond, near Selborne, Hampshire