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SEARCH for History

SEARCH for History has been designed to give children hands-on access to real museum collections and a unique encounter with the past. Learning areas and sessions have been developed to maximise opportunities for developing historical enquiry skills and giving children access to first hand evidence.

The sessions are led by specially trained facilitators who provide opportunities to observe, record and problem solve using hundreds of real artefacts. Facilitators are equally happy to become a resource themselves with the teacher leading on the learning. Our menu of sessions is only a guide – you tell us how you want to use us as part of your integrated topic or creative curriculum.

Whether in Archaeology in Action, where children study excavated finds using high-tech equipment and construct hypotheses, or in our interactive Victorian room settings complete with costume, history is brought alive at SEARCH. Children thinking about the past within living memory can run the Old Corner Shop and rummage through Granny’s Wardrobe to try on the clothes! They can become a museum curator and put together a display of life in the 1930s, 40s or 50s, and KS1 and Early Years groups can focus on toys.

A variety of individual, group and whole class activities using a range of learning styles, and the use of open questioning, means that all children can enjoy success and experience real active learning.

All sessions are trialled by schools and there is a constant evaluation process. New ideas are always being developed and existing sessions can be tailored to match the needs of the children, or bespoke workshops can be commissioned. The education officers are happy to devise sessions for KS3 and above or for groups with special needs, and can also offer literacy work or art workshops using the collections and room sets as a stimulus. A booking includes a free teachers’ pre-visit meeting and a resource pack to aid planning.


Please help us to develop our service by completing our online form after your session. We would be grateful for your comments, negative as well as positive!