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Our Lorries

This page brings us two magnificent survivors from the past, in the form of a Handy and Sturdy lorry displayed at the Milestones Living History Museum. Both these vehicles are in running order and represent the two lorries held by HMS dating from 1933 to 1939.


This 1935 Handy coal lorry is believed to have been based originally in Liss, Hampshire, having belonged from new to A J Hassell as a coal lorry until the ’fifties or ’sixties. It was bought by Corralls Coal when lying derelict in Hassell’s yard, and was restored by two Corrals employees in Corrals colours. It was sold to HMS during the mid ’eighties. No restoration work was needed.


Originally used from new for delivering milk, this 1937 Sturdy was bought by HMS from an owner in Cambridgeshire who had given it a drop-sided body. Milestones remodelled the cab and put a new body on the back, including a covered roof, during the mid to late ’eighties.

Photos Nick Corrie