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Our Lorries

This page brings us into the present with vehicles from the past, the world of preserved vintage Thornycroft lorries, showing captioned colour photographs of the four lorries held by the Museum Service dating from 1927 to 1932. The A2 cattle wagon and A10 flatbed lorry are displayed at the Milestones Living History Museum along with other vehicles and exhibits. The A7 pantechnicon and the Iron Duke YC are held at the Museum Service's headquarters. All vehicles depicted have large four-cylinder engines.

A2 Cattle wagon
This 1930 A2 cattle wagon was bought new by WD & HO Wills. It was housed on their Kingsclere estate and worked for them over its entire working life.The vehicle was bought in 1977 by Hampshire County Council at auction, and was initially restored at Beaulieu. However, since then, it has had extensive work done on the gearbox and a rebuilt engine. The bodywork is completely original.

A7 Pantechnicon
This 1931 A7 pantechnicon was originally bought by a furniture removals company in Dorking. At the end of its working life it became a store for second hand furniture in some private woods in Horsham. Hampshire County Council bought the A7 in the early 1990s as a total wreck.Its bodywork has been replaced with a new build using the old parts as a pattern. In addition, a complete rebuild of the engine and gearbox has now been completed along with new electrics, brakes andsprings.

A10 Boots lorry
Bought new by Boots, this 1930 A10 lorry was used until the ’fifties when it went to new owners. It lay derelict until bought by the previous owner who restored it. Hampshire County Council bought it in 1994.

Iron Duke Type YC
The Coles type crane originally fitted on the back of this 1930 Iron Duke was removed when the vehicle was taken into preservation by the previous owner, and replaced with a flat bed. The lorry was purchased by Hampshire County Council in the mid-nineties, it is not fully restored and is currently in storage at Winchester.

Photos: Nick Corrie