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Notes for teachers/helpers

You will shortly be visiting the Allen Gallery in Alton for two hours to support the delivery of a session called Exploring Pattern. This session has been devised and developed especially for year 3, 4, 5 & 6 pupils.

You will be supporting and leading a small group of pupils as they try activities throughout the Gallery; an Interpreter-Demonstrator will oversee the session by moving from group to group to support you.

On arrival the Interpreter-Demonstrator will meet you and introduce you to the Allen Gallery and give you a brief introduction to the session. They will also take the whole class on a brief walk around the whole building – there are two floors.

The Interpreter-Demonstrator will introduce the session by discussing pattern and motifs. The class will then divide into groups to carry out a total of 6 activities. The activities are:

  1. Completing the Pattern – using fabric cubes to make a pattern (similar to a large Rubik’s Cube).
  2. Sorting – sorting examples of patterns into manmade/natural and animal/plant/other.
  3. Where in the World – discover where patterns come from and find the countries on a map. 
  4. Matching – match examples of patterns to their correct names .
  5. Design a Pattern – create different patterns using a variety of coloured shapes.
  6. Become a Pattern – try on our patterned tabards and discuss the patterns.

At the end of the activities pupils will be invited to spend 5 mins sketching a motif from our tile collection to take back to school for follow-up work on patterns.

Please note: there are no public toilets at the Allen Gallery. However, the staff are happy for visiting pupils to use their toilet facilities during their visit. The Interpreter-Demonstrator will explain where they are during their introduction.

Important information

  • A 2-hour session for one class of KS2
  • We request a minimum ratio of 1:10 adults:pupils
  • For individual session prices, please contact the Museum.
  • Hazard information to support risk assessment

How to book a visit to a community museum gives you step-by-step guidelines – simply note the name of the session you would like, the museum’s telephone number and see the guidelines.


  • Toilet for visitors.
  • We don’t have a lunchroom, however our garden may be available during fine weather.
  • Small Gift Shop with a range of postcards at pocket money prices.