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Lower Church Street

The photographs are taken from a point near Chute House. Two large cherry trees at the entrance to the present rectory disguise some very fine late 17th Century decorated brickwork on the gable end of the building in the middle of the picture. The two dormer windows in the roof have been added since the earlier photograph was taken. The houses to the right in the earlier photograph have been demolished.

The River Loddon runs under Church Street at this point, and then passes under the new town centre before re-emerging in Eastrop Park. The river was clearly once a much more important watercourse, and in the medieval period powered a number of water mills. In the Tudor period there are references in court proceedings to tanners and dyers in the area being reminded not to discharge their smelly waste into the river until after sunset. The hope was that such waste would be washed away during the night. The records do not contain any views from the villagers of Old Basing or other villages down stream!

The main pinnacle on the tower of St Michael’s church can just be made out through the trees in the later photograph.

The Feldgate bookshop was located just out of shot to the left of these views.