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Local history in Alton

The Tempest

In 1686 a massive thunderstorm broke over Alton and caused great consternation in St. Lawrence Church where the Minister was in the middle of a service.

New - The Crimean War - some local connections

That this conflict (1854-6) left a mark on the history of Hampshireand can still to be seen today in house, street and public house names.

New - Commodore Augustus Agar VC

Captain Augustus Willington Shelton Agar had served in both World Wars in the Royal Navy, and had been awarded the Victoria Cross

Featured local history

The true story of "Sweet Fanny Adams"

The origin of the expression 'Sweet Fanny Adams' - a tale of murder.

The Curtis Museum Story

How the Victorian buildings at the top of Crown Hill became the Curtis Museum

A Visit to the Hop Garden

Hand tinted lantern slides of the 1880s arranged by the Rev AE Wright for a lecture in November 1898.

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