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Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Moths)

The collection contains approximately 60,000 specimens of British and European butterflies and British moths. 

The main collectors represented are K G Blair (butterflies & moths), J M Clark (butterflies), C H Dixon (moths), B Elliott (moths), D Ffennell (butterflies), B Goater (moths), P Holloway (butterflies and moths), J R Langmaid (moths), R B Robertson (moths), E Neal (butterflies and moths) D O'Keeffe (moths), G B Prior (butterflies), E C L Simson (butterflies and moths) and A Dobson (moths)

K G Blair (1882-1952) was a well respected entomologist who has three species of moth named after him in Britain, Blair's Mocha (Cyclophora puppillaria), Blair's Wainscot (Sedina buettneri) and Blair's Shoulder-knot (Lithophane leautieri).

Blair's Mocha Cyclophora puppillaria


Blair's Wainscot, Sedina buettneri