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Jeffery, Walter

Naturalist with premises at 100 Albert Road, Southsea and 304 Fawcett Road, Southsea in 1895. By 1899 he is listed as being based at 207 Albert Road, Southsea.

Reference: Kelsall, J E, Rev; Munn, Philip W: 1905: The Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight: Witherby and Co. 
'Mr. Walter Jeffery, taxidermist, of Gosport, a relative of Mr. William Jeffery, the well known naturalist of Ratham, in Sussex, had a female [Scops Owl] brought to his house on June 10th, 1884, which had apparently only just reached our shores…..The bird was picked up on the shore at Stokes Bay by some boys who had been bathing; it appeared to be quite exhausted, and died in their hands, but it was still warm when Mrs. Jeffery bought it off them...'