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History sessions

Time and Toys

Early Years and KS1
In a workshop devised for Nursery and Year R groups as an introduction to museums, caring for special things, and the concept of change through time, children enjoy hands-on activities with the old toy collections and link them to different generations of a family. More historical enquiry to investigate Changes Within Living Memory is included for Year 1 and 2. A seasonal version, Time and Toys Christmas, is available in November and December

Be a history detective - Home Life in the 1950s

Children studying Changes Within Living Memory can explore everyday activities - such as washing, dressing up, shopping and setting the table - from the 1950s or wartime. The session includes time-line work and a chance to handle artefacts, draw, and play games at different workstations.

Be a Victorian

KS1 and KS2
Sessions take place in room sets from an 1880s house full of real artefacts. Children explore the house and the lives of the Victorian inhabitants, comparing it with today. There is a handling room with a wealth of objects, lenses and a video microscope for historical enquiry and recording. You can even choose to enter a Victorian Dragons’ Den or get the children interviewing each other for Victorian jobs!
A seasonal version, Victorian Christmas, is available in November and December


Be a Curator - Wartime House (or Homemaking in the 1930s or 50s)

Using a reconstructed 1930s, 40s or 50s house, children consider the range of evidence for what a home and its contents would have looked like. They take on the role of museum curators and sort artefacts from different decades to create their own museum complete with costumed characters. Taking cover in the Anderson Shelter is always popular!

Be an Archaeologist - The Romans

The children become archaeologists, studying and interpreting Roman finds at workstations kitted out with lenses and microscopes. The emphasis is on looking for clues, sorting and documentation of material, and building up hypotheses like the Time Team!

PREHISTORY: Stone, Bronze and Iron - Make a Prehistory Museum or Of Mammoths & Men - Surviving the Stone Age

A choice of two different hands-on prehistory sessions, both using real artefacts. One is an in-depth look at the Stone Age. The other covers the chronology from the Old Stone Age to the end of the Iron Age.