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Elizabeth Murray Jones

Placement Host: Lancashire Museum Service

Placement Venue: Queen Street Mill Textile Mill, Harle Syke, Burnley

Placement length: 01.11.2010 – 01.08.2012

“The IMATT scheme gave me the opportunity to learn a great deal of new skills and information I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn without being on such a scheme”

“I have been able to tailor this knowledge and skills to what I am interested in or, more importantly, what an employer is looking for from an employee”

“ I have learnt to manage my own time, make descisions about what I felt was the most important elements to focus on and improve my communications skills” 

Elizabeth studied woven design within her textile degree at Leeds University and had worked on doddy handlooms and the production of modern fabrics. 

Whilst at Queen Street Mill, she has been taught how to weave on a Lancashire loom as well as fix and solve problems on these historic machines. Along with the practical work she has produced a range of research files on general weaving and specifically on the different types of looms in Queen Street Mill including towelling, circular box and tapestry looms.



Where are they now ?

Elizabeth now works as a Weave Technician at the University of Manchester 

“In my new job I will pass on the skills and knowledge I have gained on the IMATT scheme and will encourage the students to visit textile heratage sites to enhance their education”