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Dore, David

Naturalist based in the High Street, Andover c1867-c1880. There is a barn owl (Bi1994.2.64) (right) in the HCCMS collections. 

News cutting - 27.9.1871: Andover Advertiser: reprint of a report of one hundred years ago. 
'A FREAK. - One of those curious freaks of nature we have occasionally to chronicle took place at Ludgershall on the 19th inst. It appears that a sow belonging to Mr. John Baiden had on the above day a litter of 12 pigs; one of them being born with two heads joined together, with distinct noses, 3 eyes, 2 ears and 4 legs. The pig lived for 40 hours. It was brought to Mr. Dore, taxidermist, Andover, to be stuffed, and he very kindly permitted us to look at the marvellous formation. He states that there were two perfect tongues and that the thorax of both were quite perfect. He discovered also that it had 5 eyes and not 3 - 2 being in the forehead.'