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From the moment an object enters the museum service all information associated with it is recorded on a deposit form. This includes details of the object's history and the donor. The form is signed by the donor so that the museum service can show the object has legally passed into its care.

If the object is accepted into the permanent collections it is given a unique number and entered into an accessions register. This information is recorded onto a computer database designed especially for museums called Modes Complete.

Each object is given an individual computer entry which includes a detailed physical description, deposit information and collections management details. All the information is accurately recorded, managed and updated by the Museum Registrar and the Keepers of the Collections.

We can quickly search our large computer database for information about the objects we hold. This information is used not only for our own collections management but also for public enquiries, publications, research and exhibitions. It is this core documentation that has enabled us to make our records available on the web.