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A C Foot

Terrace Walk, North Parade, Bath. A C Foot is known to have been in business from at least 1876 until the 1890's. 

Reference: Herriot, Sue (ed): 1968: British Taxidermists a historical directory
'Entry in diary of Edward Hart of Christchurch records visit in 1876 "as is my usual custom" (when in Bath)'

Reference: Smith, A C, Rev: 1891: Recent Occurrence of the Great Bustard in Wilts: The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine: No. LXXV, Vol. XXV, June 1891: H F Bull
'Mr Wood at once sent the bird [Great Bustard] for preservation to Foot, the taxidermist, of Bath, in whose house it was seen in the flesh by many persons, and who preserved the sternum.'

Barn owl, Tyto alba, prepared by A C Foot, Terrace Walk, North Parade, Bath 


Barn owl, Tyto alba

Prepared by A C Foot, Terrace Walk, North Parade, Bath 
Accession no HMCMS:Bi1997.55