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Barrow, T A

Taxidermist based in the High Street, Christchurch. Although not listed in the directories, there are examples of his work in the HCCMS collections.

Reference: Afalo, F G: 1905: Half a Century of Sport in Hampshire: Country Life 
[Sparrow Hawk] 'Shot at Heron Court by Lord Fitzharris afterwards second earl in 1810, and stuffed by Barrow of Christchurch.' 

Reference: Kelsall, J E, Rev; Munn, Philip W: 1905: The Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight: Witherby and Co. 
'In the Hart Collection at Christchurch there is a specimen [of a Little Egret] which was shot on the Stour at that place in the beginning of July, 1822, by the late William Lockyer, who sold it to Mr. Barrow, Christchurch, by whom it was preserved.' Mr. J H Gurney wrote an article on the occurrence of this species [Pine-grosbeak] in Great Britain in the 'Zoologist' of 1890……he says it was stuffed by Barrow of Christchurch….'

Red-throated Diver