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Artlett, Francis

Carver, guilder and bird preparer who had premises at 46 Commercial Road, Landport from c1855. He had probably taken over the shop from Thomas Cook. The business was later moved up the road to number 328 where he was based from c1878-1903.

Reference: Kelsall, J E, Rev; Munn, Philip W: 1905: The Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight: Witherby and Co. 
'A letter appeared in the 'Portsmouth Evening News' of 31 October 1889, saying that Mr. A C Mills had shot a fine specimen [Marsh Harrier] in Farlington Marshes. It measured two feet in length and over four feet across the expanded wings, and was preserved by Mr. F Artlett, of Commercial Road, Landport.'

'Another [Red Spotted Bluethroat] was shot at Eastney, near the Barrack Gate, some years ago, by Corporal Strange, R.M.A., and was stuffed by Artlett,…'