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Artefact Loan Packs

Hampshire Cultural Trust has a small loan collection of packs of objects for handling in the classroom. These are available by contacting Hampshire Wardrobe . Schools, colleges, and adult education classes frequently make use of them. Each pack comes with teacher's notes and suggestions for using the pack. The following loan packs are available:-

1. Roman Artefacts Pack

Contains a selection of real Roman artefacts, including pieces of Roman pottery from pots of different shapes and functions, pieces of floor, wall and roofing tile, a bronze brooch, oyster shells, and replica Roman coins. Useful for KS2 Romans, KS3 Roman Empire (European Study before 1914).

2. Fossil Pack

Contains a variety of fossil sea animals, such as ammonites, belemnites, fossil shells and trilobites.

3. Flint Implements Pack

Examples of stone tools made by people in prehistoric times, from handaxes over 100,000 years old to flint tools of Neolithic farmers 5000 years old. Useful for studying the earliest people in your area as part of local history, or the evolution of people and culture in biology.

4. Medieval Artefacts Pack 

Contains a selection of real medieval artefacts including pieces of pottery, building materials, metal objects and replica coins. Useful for KS3 Britain 1066-1500.