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‘Gifford’s Corner’, Winchester Street

Terry Hunt’s photograph was clearly taken soon after 1900 and is therefore rather older than most of the other photographs used in this exhibition. There is not a motor vehicle to be seen and the long skirts worn by the ladies suggest a pre-First World War date.

The two young children on the right are clearly fascinated by the carcass in Lansley’s butcher shop, and have parked their cart in the gutter while they examine it.

The building on the left, which has become know as ‘Giffords Corner’, is still there but has lost a lot of its detail. The upper part was only rendered and painted comparatively recently, but the bay windows at first and second floor levels, together with the decorated ironwork and the wonderful lamp, disappeared a long time ago.

What about the display outside the ironmonger’s shop a little further along Winchester? - but what are those things at the top of the display? They look a bit like hot water cylinders, but surely it was a bit early for them? Nice lamps again.

The pedestrianisation of Winchester Street in the 1970s restored the relatively peaceful traffic situation demonstrated in the earlier photograph. In between this was part of a major east-west route through the region.