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Bursledon Windmill flour

Stoneground wholemeal

We regret that we are not currently selling flour. Our windmill is undergoing a period of testing and training after the 2014 restoration. We hope to be selling flour next year at the Windmill shop and through local suppliers.

Our flour is made by a single grind straight off our Derbyshire “peak” stones with nothing added. We use Hereward wheat grown in the South of England.

100% wholemeal flour makes a “strong” tasting but quite solid loaf which is worth getting to like. Alternatively you can always mix it with a strong white flour to make a lighter loaf. Whilst it is very good for yeast and soda bread, it can also be used for biscuits, fruitcakes, short crust pastry, pancakes and crumbles.

It can always be mixed half and half with a normal white flour for these items to make them lighter. Our Coarse quality flour is very good for coating white fish for shallow frying instead of the traditional oatmeal.

Bursledon Windmill Recipe Book is currently being revised.

Where to buy

Following the recent restoration of Bursledon Windmill, we are not currently selling flour. Please keep an eye on this page for updates.