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Hazard information

Basing House consists of the earthworks and ruins of the house which was destroyed in the Civil War. Please can you ensure that all people are wearing suitable footwear. Heels should not be worn, as they increase the hazards on the site and are unsuitable for exploring the ruins. Open-toed sandals are also inadvisable. Trainers, Wellington boots or walking boots are ideal. 

Children should bring warm clothes, wet weather gear or hats and sun cream according to the weather. The site is very exposed and there is little shelter other than at Basing Grange. As your class is visiting an archaeological site, please make them aware that they must treat it with respect, by not climbing on banks or standing on any brickwork.

Your coach drops you off in the car park, where you will be met by a member of staff. From here you will walk to Basing House, which involves crossing a small road and walking alongside the river and fish ponds. Children are to walk carefully along this path, preferably in single file, being aware that there is water either side of them.

During the activities taking place in the Learning & Community Centre, children will be handling archaeological and replica objects. Guidance will be given on object handling and toilet facilities are available in the same block for hand washing at the end of the session. 

The class(es) will be visiting the ruins of Basing House, which is on a separate site on the other side of the road. You will be escorted to a crossing point opposite the gates to Basing House and a teacher must lead all pupils over the road, which is a busy one.

When walking around the site please be aware of the natural environment (hills, slopes, uneven ground, long grass etc) and that the ground can be slippery when wet. The earthworks are out of bounds to all people and must not be climbed. If any of your children are likely to have allergic reactions, please ensure that inhalers, epi-pens etc. are brought with you; the pollen levels can be very high.

As Basing House is a large open site, we require teachers and adult helpers to stay with their designated groups at all times, which requires a provision of 5 adults per class.