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Arts and Rehabilitation

2017: Creating Change

'Creating Change' is a triplet of workshops aimed at engaging and inspiring positive personal development through drama-based activities. Each session is a mix of creative exercises and tasks designed to be fun, reflective and motivational. This programme has been developed with Bearface Theatre Company and the CRC (Community Rehabilitation Company), delivered in 6 Women's Centres around the county so far.

Feedback includes: “I didn’t even want to get out of bed today, I didn’t feel confident to drive, but I came anyway and I now feel so positive, I’m glad I made the effort to be here” and “I started the session feeling self-conscious but now [at the end] I am comfortable and everyone has had their input”

Read the news article from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Rehabilitation Company here

2016: Creative Arts Programme

The ‘Creative Arts Programme’ was part of the Better Life Chances programme in Autumn 2016, a new project especially designed for the Probation service - now called the CRC (Community Rehabilitation Company) using an innovation grant from them. The full 12 week drama-led course was delivered by TreeCreeper Theatre Company at Ashcroft Arts Centre in Autumn 2016.  This pilot project benefitted 10 young adults, two completed the whole course. Both reported that they had achieved the following positive outcomes: met new people, built confidence, challenged themselves, changed their behaviours. One is hoping to volunteer at Ashcroft and the other wants to join their community choir. Both have been given tickets to a theatre show at the venue in the Spring season.

“It has changed the way I think about life and I’ve met really positive people and done things I would never have been able to do before” [ZH, programme participant]

It has been exciting to work with HCT and TreeCreeper Theatre to see this programme brought to life. The power of the programme to support the participants in gaining confidence and improving their self-esteem was very evident in the final session. The quality of the work produced by each participant was of a very high standard and gave an insight into their journey on the programme. The trust developed between the programme facilitators and participants was tangible and together they had worked to explore important and personal issues in a new way, to recognise individual strengths and draw on these to set goals for the future that are both positive and realistic. [CRC]