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School visits

Led School Programmes

Aldershot Military Museum welcomes young visitors to study the unique mixture of social and military history that forms the story of Aldershot, “Home of the British Army” and Farnborough “Birth of British Aviation”. As well as our permanent displays we have a touring exhibition programme which often has opportunities for schools.

Led sessions for schools

What are we remembering on Remembrance Day? KS1 (1.5hrs)

In November: Explore Remembrance Day through Susan Varley’s Badger’s Parting Gifts. Investigate the symbolism used in the story, make a class wreath, handle museum objects and explore music and memorials.

Samuel Cody and Flight KS1 (1.5hrs)

Explore aspects of Samuel Cody’s life and flight through visual and kinaesthetic means. Use a range of resources – objects, photographs and themes – to find out about the life of Samuel Cody and an overview of flight. Pupils will ask and answer questions, and select and interpret information.

Vehicle Design Challenge, KS2 (2hrs) NEW

A huge hurricane has swept through the area where you are based. Roads have been destroyed, power lines are out and no-one can contact remote villages. You have been tasked with creating a vehicle that can reach them. Quickly.  Using the real vehicles housed at the museum you will find out why military vehicles look the way they do. You will use this to design your own vehicles. Can you create something that can carry supplies, get there on time and won't get stuck in the mud? Can you do it quickly?

Children in World War Two KS2 (2hrs)

Pupils investigate life on the Home Front for children through real museum objects, documents and hands-on exploration. Try on real and replica period clothes and handle objects from the period to support learning about rationing, evacuation and air raids.

A Glimpse of the Past – local history KS2 (2hrs)

Find out about the lives of ordinary people and those of soldiers in the Victorian period. Discover what factors led to Aldershot being chosen as the home of the British Army in 1854. Study census reports, maps, photographs and museum objects you can touch and hold.


Important information

Aldershot Military Museum has visitor toilets.

While we don’t have a specific lunchroom, a room may be available for pupils to use for lunch. In fine weather pupils can also take their lunch in our grounds.

Our Gift Shop has a range of pocket money items.

To help with your risk assessment, we have provided a Hazard Information Sheet.